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Emotional Content.
Emotional Content.

Emotional Content.

Seldom do people buy logically. People buy emotionally, then defend their decisions with logic.

When selling your product or service you need to ask yourself what compels your potential customers to find a connection with you. What is making them buy? Above all, word of mouth is the most trusted and powerful source of marketing – People trust people, more than any advert, headline or flashy graphic. So why is this the most effective form of spreading good news? It is quite simple, people instantly form emotional reactions to each other, whether good or bad, the reaction is almost always memorable. You know who you have met throughout the day but don’t remember all the things you have seen – let alone adverts and other business communication.

You can’t rely on word of mouth to sell your business for you, you can merely do you best to provide the best possible service and feel confident in everything that you sell so that people remark and feel happy about how they have been treated.

So how do we create an emotional connection with our website, printed literature or advertising? We look to create character, a flavour, some substance that people can relate to. Every business is different and each requires bespoke solutions to visual communication.

If you are a hairdresser for example, your website should have style and originality, exactly the reason why your clients come to you, it speaks to them just the way they want. It should be up to date and offer news and gossip; it should show contemporary colours and use descriptive language. You are trying to create a visual image, a scene in your potential customers’ minds, an image of what you are about and what you will offer them. Once the scene is created, the emotion follows.

Consider the way we buy our cars or clothes for instance, we don’t buy on price. Of course price is a contributing factor, but certainly takes a back seat to our emotions. When we pick our car, we picture how we’ll feel driving it, the reactions we’ll get from our friends, the fun we’ll have using the new technology and enjoying the comforts of the leather interior. We have not just looked at the practicalities of our new car nor do we see it as a means of simply ‘getting around’. We have built up a whole bunch of emotions and a very clear picture of our purchase.

You can use this rule with all your visual communication. You can find an expressive, seducing way of designing your business literature and online media. It isn’t about designing something pretty or dashingly contemporary; it is about ensuring it conveys the right message to your customers and arouses their emotions. Get inside your customers minds and cater to their needs with every word you write, every colour you use and photo you show. Take care to be aware and watch trends and tastes and how they affect buying. ROI should stand for ‘Return On Involvement’ so get involved with emotions!

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