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Belly-to-Belly business.
Belly-to-Belly business.

Belly-to-Belly business.

With new waves of marketing derived from social media expanding online it is even more important that your business is underpinned with a personal touch.

While most of you will be either touching on or using online marketing resources, many of you won’t be putting as much effort into meeting people face to face or as we like to call it - belly to belly (to give it that slightly more personal touch). We must all remember that while online marketing is revolutionising how we communicate with our customers, much of it is merely trying to imitate good old fashioned belly to belly and so will never quite be as powerful.

Try and meet 5 new people a day and pass them a business card, even meet just a few. It stands to reason that you will have more chance at doing business with them further down the road than if you meet just a couple of people during the week. When you consider that on average only 1% of visitors to your website will do business with you and your visitors spend on average 8 seconds before moving (surfing) on to a new web site, then you can see that if you were to speak with them belly to belly, the odds of you communicating your value would be far better placed in your favour.

People trust people more than any advert or headline and we often recommend the use of people in your advertising and literature; people enjoying your product or service. It makes sense that having a good old down to earth, personal and friendly chat with a prospective client will be the best method of painting a positive picture of what you are offering.

Belly to belly is a very under-used tactic and relationship building method that is by far one of the best tools we have.


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