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Marketing your product or service

Our small and effective team will help you market your offerings in a sensitive and effective form. Your marketing success comes down to one simple ethos... ‘be great with people’. This rule translates through every communication you utilise, so whether you are teaching, publishing, mailing or designing your service/product, the most important rule you need to remember is how sensitive it is to your audience. Most marketing mistakes are pushy and insensitive. Nobody sits around waiting to be sold to, so you must look for friendlier, more discerning approaches to spark interest. Your customers need to feel part of your business and we’ll show you some of the best ways to excersie ‘participation marketing’.

We‘ll help you stand out, apply fresh functional ideas and evolve your brand communication through intelligent design, relationship building and relative services.

Remember - nobody knows you’re here unless you tell them, and we know a thousand ways to do just that. All of our design is extensively thought out and marketing led. From sponsoring community events, web promotions and advertising to something as small as your business card, we take great care in producing the best result possible for your business and your customers, and work with you the whole time.


Direct Mail Marketing 

Produce relevant, appealing and friendly direct mail campaigns. Ulitise personal letters and luxury promo/postcards or brochure material to sell your business to your potential customers.

The key to successful direct mail is fequency of communication, quality of offerings, measurability and of course the way in which you say it!

We will plan, design, print and mail to thousands of your customers as often as you like.


Email Marketing 

Email marketing is cheap and very successful. Create a buzz, keep people informed and involved every month. Send out your news and offers with direct links back to your site, recruit more members, sell, review, gossip and shout about everything you do.

Email marketing can be sent out to thousands of your customers in the same day. We can design, build and mail out to your whole database in sections or all at once.

Best of all we can measure your success with generated reports on bounces, opens, forwards and more. You’ll always be able to stay on top of your E-marketing campaigns.


Website Design & Development 

Your website is the hub of your business. Everybody goes there (or should do). You need it to be stylish, clean, relevant, resourceful, robust, inviting, memorable and easily found. Once your site is up and running, you need to start telling eveybody about it. Gain exposure and use your website to build your brand, sell your services and products and maintain relationships.

Please don’t go for cheap options or limit your scope. Plan and have your website built wisely by us and start making your place online!

To see examples of our online work please check out our websites section.


Social Media Marketing 

Social Media is fast becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. Recently described by John V Willshire as a bonfire. Advertising is like the fireworks - pre-packaged, bright and loud; they draw people in from miles around and everyone is trying to be the biggest, loudest, brightest. But fireworks die out, you need to keep lighting them. Bonfire night isn’t just about the fireworks. If advertising is the fireworks then Social Media is the bonfire. The two are very different disciplines. Building a bonfire is a gradual effort and it takes time to get it right, you can use pretty much anything and your friends love to join in, making it bigger and stronger and brighter. This in turn attracts more people to your fire, they get to hang out and chat while helping you. If you want even more people - add a few more fireworks!

Although very different, advertising and Social Media go hand in hand. The beauty of Social Media is that when done correctly, people will advertise for you, sell your business for you. They can like or dislike a post, image or link. They can review, comment, recommend, link, forward anything you publish on your profile. Facebook rivals Google for traffic and is something to think very seriously about. If you want to grow - grasp the future as soon as you can. Put your business in the thick of all these online gatherings and start socialising!

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